Blue Heaven Lip Bomb Review

Hi everyone!

I think I should clear this in the very starting that I don’t like this product at all. And I really want to share my views on this. Blue Heaven Lip Bombs are clearly a dupe for EOS lip balms, which are famous for their super cute packaging. But they are not easily available in India. So when I saw this lip bomb by Blue Heaven, I had some idea that this is going to be not good but still I was like let’s just try this out.




Product claims- Blue Heaven Lip Bomb comes with 80% Natural ingredients and freshly plucked with Fruits Aroma (Natural Identical) It Nourishes, moisturizes, Protects and heals your chapped n dry lips. Enriched with Canola oil which gives protection of skin proteins and lipids against photo oxidation and free radicals while Shea butter helps in moisturisation and skin barrier recovery.

Let’s talk about packaging, which is cute of course. The flavor that I got is bubble gum and seriously I was expecting some natural or nice kind of fragrance. But it is so bad, like made of plastic, I don’t even know how to explain that. And it is so strong, going to irritate you for sure but fades away after few minutes. Does it taste bad? Yes!

Texture is smooth. It claims to heal your chapped lips, which is a big NO! It is not going to moisturize or heal your lips. It does nothing. It doesn’t even give that shine to your lips, that you get after application of any lip balm. It is matte. Also, gives no color. Staying power is not good, lasts for 1 hour max and then fades away. It is not going to nourish your lips. You have to apply it again and again if your want some moisturization.

If you have dry lips, then don’t buy it. Actually my lips are very dry, may be that’s why I don’t like this lip balm at all. Also I hate the smell that it has. But if you want to buy it for just packaging, then you can. I would not recommend this Blue Heaven Lip Bomb to anyone.

Price- 85 INR for 8g 

I hope you find this review helpful. So have you tried this lip balm?

Thanks for reading! x



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