L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

Hey girls!

Makeup primers are must? Well so many of us skip them for many reasons. It’s not like that primers are mandatory whenever you apply makeup, but yes they makes a huge difference.I will do a full post on Makeup primers soon but for now I’m going to review this L’Oreal Paris Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer.





To increase the longevity of the makeup, we use primers. But there are so many more benefits of using primer. It makes our skin smooth before application of foundation. As this product claims that it will smooth wrinkles and fine lines. Also, primers minimize your pores temporarily. Well this primer does what it claims.

It looks very thick, almost like a whipped cream but it is not thick in person, if that makes sense. 😛 Texture is like a butter. It is so light and thin on the skin. Just take a pea sized amount and apply it all over your face or only your T-zone area, whatever you like and blend it with your fingers nicely. It blends so smoothly and gives a velvety finish. Yes, it does minimize my pores and lines. After applying it my skin feels so healthy and buttery soft. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin. And then after a minute I apply my foundation over it. Your foundation will also blend perfectly after any good primer. L’Oreal base primer can also be used as a eye primer. The jar is so small, just 15 ml but little goes a long way with this primer, it can last for months.

L’Oreal Paris primer is a silicon based. That means it can cause irritation to someone with sensitive skin. But I have searched and read so many post about it just to figure out if it causes any irritation or break out on someone’s skin. Because my skin type is normal to dry. And I got to know that whether you have oily or dry skin, sensitive or combination, this primer will work on every skin type and not going to irritate your skin.

It does make a big difference in staying power of the makeup. Your makeup will stay on for much more hours. And what I like about this is that your skin will look glowy and healthy after having makeup on for hours.

I really really like this primer a lot because in this price, L’Oreal base primer works amazingly. It does what it claims by giving beautiful finish and longevity to my makeup. And I will highly recommend this to everyone.

Price- 995 INR for 15 ml ( You can buy it HERE )

I hope you find this review useful.

Thanks for reading! x


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