NYX Matte Lipstick | Euro Trash

Hi beauties! I hope you all are doing great.

So NYX has finally launched in India. I always wanted to try out NYX products but couldn’t get my hands on them because of unavailability and if they are available somewhere in India, they were way too expensive than the normal price. I ordered the NYX soft matte lip cream and this lipstick on the very first day when it was launched in India online on Nykaa. But in few hours lip creams were out of stock but I really really wanted them. I was literally checking the site every hour, if the lip cream restocked or not. Then fortunately one shade was available, and seriously I was more than happy and placed my order. But then I got a mail after few days that they can’t deliver the lip cream because it is out of stock now. That was really heart breaking.  And now I only have this lipstick. But the good news is I’m really happy with this lipstick. Also I wanted this color from their matte lipstick collection. I have read on some blogs that it is a dupe for MAC velvet teddy. I have the NYX matte lipstick in the shade Euro Trash.

IMG_0384 (2)IMG_0385 (2)IMG_0388 (2)IMG_0389 (2)

IMG_0391 (2)IMG_0392 (2)IMG_0394 (2)

Please excuse my Henna tattoo

The packaging is super cute and different from other lipsticks. This little transparent thing in between makes it easy to see the color of the lipstick. And trust me, I’m dying for this color, EuroTrash is such a beautiful color. It is a lovely nude shade with pink undertones, looks so beautiful when its on. *crying* This is the perfect nude color that I’ve always wanted in my vanity.

Now coming to the texture. Product claims it to be matte. But it’s not matte, I mean not completely matte. It glides on so smoothly and buttery, makes my lip comfortable in it. After a while it becomes velvety matte. Which is actually a plus point if you are looking for semi matte lipstick. And you can obviously make it fully matte by blotting it off. If I want that complete matte finish, I apply it, then I take a tissue and pat it on my lips and then dab the lippie again on my lips gently. That’s basically how I apply most of the lipsticks. This creamy thing about this lipstick, will not make your lips feel dry or stretchy by giving you semi matte finish. If your lips are exfoliated and moisturized then that will be best for any matte lipstick to look perfect.

It stays on for 4-5 hours including meal. And it doesn’t fade away completely. I absolutely love this NYX matte lipstick. For me, it has that perfect texture and finishing. I would highly recommend these lipstick to everyone.


Price- 625 INR for 4.5 g ( You can buy it HERE )

I hope you find this review helpful.

Thanks for reading! x



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