Makeup Revolution London Blush

Hi girls!

Makeup Revolution is an amazing brand, well who doesn’t know that. I have been using this blush from makeup revolution and loved it so here’s my review on it. I have this blush in the shade Hot!





Talking about a blush, pigmentation is everything. And this blush has strong pigmentation. Yes very strong. It is good when blushes are this much pigmented but sometimes when the blush is so pigmented then one can go overboard on the blush. So if you are using this shade or any kind of heavily pigmented blush then please keep your hands light on it. As this blush has incredible pigmentation, just dab a little bit on the brush and apply it on the apple of your cheeks for that beautiful pink color. You can build up the color later always.

Makeup Revolution Blush in the shade Hot! is one beautiful pink color. As you can see in the above picture. First swatch has two swipes and second has just one. This blush is powdery but not that much. It doesn’t look patchy on the cheeks. And blends very smoothly on the skin. I really like the finishing that it gives. You can get that beautiful healthy pink glow on your face. It stays on for minimum 4 hours and will not fade away totally from your face afterwards. At this price, this blush is incredibly amazing.

Overall, I really like this blush. Makeup Revolution blush is very inexpensive and soooo good. I will highly recommend this blush if you’re looking for everyday beautiful blush.

Price – 420 INR for 3.4g 

I hope you find this useful.

Thanks for reading! x




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