L’Oreal Paris Collection Star (Sonam Kapoor) Pure Garnet Lipstick

Hi beauties!

I was so excited to try out this lipstick, specially this color. So today I’m going to review this lipstick by L’Oreal Paris. I’m in the shade Pure Garnet, which is so gorgeous.

IMG_5832 (2)



IMG_5834 (2)

IMG_5836 (2)



First of all, the packaging, beautiful! I love everything about this lipstick. Texture is so creamy, it glides on very nicely. Formula is rich and moisturizing. This lipstick is matte and still creamy, which is great. But as with any matte lipstick, you need to exfoliate and moisturize your lips first for that perfect application and finish.

The pigmentation is strong, in just one swipe you will get the perfect color will full coverage. Coming to color, oh my god so beautiful. I really love this color, I don’t know but it compliments my skin tone amazingly.

Staying power, ah after all the good things about the lipstick, the main thing comes. It stays on for good 5 hours including meal, two times. Oh yes! At first, lipstick feels creamy. After half an hour, it starts getting matte. And then after one hour it gets completely matte, but still my lips didn’t feel stretchy or dry. After having lunch, it started fading. But not too much, that gorgeous color was still on my lips. Because of not properly moisturizing and no exfoliation ( yes lazy me ) my lips were feeling dry after 3-4 hours. So this lipstick stays on nicely for good hours without fading. And also it doesn’t set into my fine lines.

Overall, I really like this lipstick. I would definitely recommend this if you are searching for this kind of color and a matte one.

Price – 995 INR ( You can get it HERE )

I hope you like my review.

Thanks for reading! x


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