All about concealers!

Hey girlies! Hope you all are doing great.

Today’s post is all about concealers. How I use concealers and some of my favorites. I don’t think there is any girl who don’t use concealer now. Cos’ why not? Concealer helps us in so many ways.

Concealers are used to hide the dark circles, dark spots and acne. These are just basic ways to use concealers. Now, how I use concealer to hide my creepy eye bags and pigmentation:

I apply the concealer in triangle shape under my eye, but before that I use orange corrector on those purple-blue ( I don’t know -.- ) kind of shade to correct them. And then I use concealer over it that matches my skin tone. Apply concealer in triangle shape rather than putting dots under your eyes makes a huge difference, please try doing this if haven’t already.

Here’s the concealer wheel


As you can see in it, to hide blue you have to use orange or peach color. Green to hide red, so for acne and redness you need to use green shade concealer.

Trust me, by using orange corrector my eyes look lifted and more awaken because I have some good purplish dark circles. :/ So I have to use corrector and concealer all the time while doing makeup.

I always use my ring finger to blend the concealer, actually not blend, dab dab dab! I pat or dab the concealer with tips of finger first and then I use my beauty blender or a brush. Before setting it with setting powder, what I do is to take tissue and dab it under my eyes so that in case if there is anything extra it will come off. After this I use my setting powder cos no one wants creasing.

You can use concealers for contouring, light and dark shade according to your skin tone.

Concealer can be used to reshape your lips. Before applying lipstick, use concealer on the end lines of the lips, blend and then apply lipstick. Also, it can be used in the middle of the lips before the application of lipstick to have that fuller lip thing.

Sometimes, I also use concealer as a eye primer. It always help me to have that nice base and helps my eyeshadows to stay longer.

My current favorite concealer is Maybelline fit me concealer. ❤ I also like Makeup revolution cream concealers and Maybelline dream lumi highlighting concealer.

You can read more about good concealers HERE. Into The Gloss has this post which includes all about Best concealers. 😀

Which one is your favorite concealer?

Thanks for reading! x



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