Maybelline Baby Lips Candy Wow | Review

Hi beauties! Maybelline has launched these adorable lip balms in India. Maybelline baby lips Candy Wow comes in five shades: Raspberry, Mixed Berry, Cherry, Peach, Orange. I got two of them- Raspberry and Peach. Crayon packaging makes them more cute. I can’t wait to share my views about these baby lips, so let’s get started. 😀









We’ve already talked about packaging, how colorful and pretty it is. ❤ Now coming to the pigmentation. They give a hint of color to the lips. Darkest color is Raspberry and Peach be the lightest. I would not recommend peach shade for pigmented lips as it looks very light, kind of whitish pink shade, specially on dusky tones. I have given the peach one to my mother as my skin color is wheatish. Raspberry is a beautiful shade, will compliment every skin tone.

Staying power is average like other lip balms. That beautiful shine will last for like 1 hour but color stays on for good 3-4 hours. When you apply it, your lips will look glossy and plumpy. BUT, hydration. Omg my lips feel so moisturizing. Candy Wow baby lips have the best quality from the baby lips family I believe. That buttery soft feeling, even after 3-4 hours, your lips will feel so hydrating with a hint of color. I like how my lips doesn’t flake and also don’t get awfully dry when the lip balm wears off. Candy wow doesn’t leave white cast behind. On application lips feel moisturized but when it completely fades away then also your lips will feel hydrated. This lip balm is literally going to heal your lips. I absolutely love Candy wow. And and and, they smell like candy. Such a lovely fragrance.

I would highly recommend Maybelline Candy Wow Baby lips. Perfect for these winters.


Price- 275 INR ( You can buy them HERE )

I hope you like this review.

Thanks for reading! x


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