Maybelline White Super Fresh Compact | Review

Hey lovelies! How’re you all doing?

Maybelline has launched so many products in past few months and one of the most exciting product is this compact. As it is cheap in comparison with other compacts, let’s see if it’s quality is good or not.








 Maybelline Super Fresh Compact’s packaging is good, very light weight so yes travel- friendly. Now coming to the texture, which is actually nice. It blends into the skin easily, but not buttery soft texture. I make sure to apply a sheer light layer otherwise it can look cakey or ashy on pigmented skin.

I’m in the shade Shell, It comes in 3 shades – Pearl, Shell and Coral. Pearl is the lightest shade, Shell the medium one and Coral be the darkest in the three shades.

Now, is it suitable for all skin types? Big yes for oily and normal skin, but for dry skin beauties, make sure to moisturize your skin properly otherwise it will cling to dry places. Because of it, this compact will be perfect for humid weather. It has UV filters which will protect the skin from sun but don’t skip your sunscreen.

Product claims, it stays on for all day long. Yes, it is great for locking your makeup. It lasts for good 6-7 hours. You can touch up after a while. What more you can expect on this price? I love the finishing it gives.

Overall, I really like the Maybelline Super fresh compact. In this price range, I think this compact is perfect. It’ll make your face look fresh. Yes, I will highly recommend this product.

Price- 150 INR for 8 g ( You can get this HERE )

I hope you find this review useful.

Thanks for reading! x


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