Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick | Review

Hey my angels! How’re you all doing?

So, these are the latest launch of Maybelline in Lipsticks. Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick, I’ve got two shades. One is Cherry Crush and the other one is Caramel Custard. So here’s the review-

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                                                                         CHERRY CRUSH | CARAMEL CUSTARD (With flash)


                                                                   CHERRY CRUSH | CARAMEL CUSTARD (Without flash)

These lipsticks are super buttery. It glides so smoothly on lips, you’ll not need any lip balm under it. But yes if you have extremely dry lips then you may need lip balm before. It is quite moisturizing. Finishing is glossy, not at all matte. It has very nice creamy finish. These lipsticks doesn’t settle into fine lines. And because of satin finish, it gives fuller look to the lips. It has a fruity fragrance in it, which fades away after some time of application. These lipsticks will make your lips feel comfortable.

It stays on for nice 5-6 hours before any meal. And after that it slowly fades away but will not completely slip off, leaves a beautiful tint behind. Colors are highly pigmented. One swipe is enough for good coverage. But in lighter shades you’ll need more swipes.

Now coming to the shades-

Cherry Crush is a beautiful pink color. It is my favorite pink shade in this colorshow range. In just one swipe you can get that gorgeous pink color with some peachy undertones. And will look good on every skin tone.

Caramel Custard is my favorite color in this whole range. I don’t know how to define this color. It’s gorgeous. If you just dab this color on your lips, you can get that nude lip look. In one swipe you can get that brown color with some orange undertones. It’s so beautiful and different. I love it.

Overall, I like these lipsticks a lot. And now caramel custard shade is in my list of favorite lip colors. These pretty lipsticks are amazing, the quality is nice for the price you pay. I absolutely recommend these lipsticks. These are perfect for winters.

I hope you find this review useful.

Thanks for reading! x


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