Biotique Honey Water Freshener | Review

Hi pretty ladies! I hope you all are doing good. Biotique claims to be 100 % natural botanical, chemical free, no preservatives, no animal testing and eco-friendly packaging. I really like such brands.


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Price – Rs. 149 for 120 ml ( you can get it HERE )

Toners are effective at pore cleansing and making them appear smaller. They restore skin’s pH balance. And we should avoid toners which have alcohol in it.

I have been using this toner for months now and this works pretty well for me. The packaging is hygienic. It has a strong fragrance, but fades away within few minutes and don’t sting my eyes. But if you’ve sensitive nose, it might sting your nose. This is alcohol free.

 I apply this on my clean face with cotton pad, and it instantly gives beautiful glow to my skin. My skin feels more hydrated. And then I apply my moisturizer. It doesn’t break me out. It gives cooling sensation. I really like this product and would recommend, as it is effective and affordable product.

Rating- 4.5/5

Thanks for reading! x


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