Luxola Mini Haul ♥

Hi angels! now ships to India! After hearing this I was very excited to buy some products from luxola. Yayyy here I am with my mini haul from luxola. Luxola is a Singapore based online site for makeup and skin care. And they have free shipping on orders above Rs. 2300 😀



I am glad Luxola stocks Beauty Blender


And guess what? I got 40% discount on these two beauty blenders (bff) *Happy Dance* I didn’t think twice to grab such an amazing deal. I am so so excited to use these, and how cute these bbf are? ❤ My favorite beauty gurus love to use beautyblender and I’ve seen good and bad reviews about it. Some loves this cute sponge and some bloggers don’t like this. So I’m curious to know, if this pink tiny baby is going to work fine with me or not. Well I am excited to use it and will soon do a review on Beauty Blender.

Price- Rs. 2749 and after discount Rs 1680


Zoeva 227 Soft Definer (Vegan) Brush

Zoeva is a german brand and their makeup brushes are very famous also dupes of popular brands ( MAC, Sigma )
Zoeva 227 is a dupe of MAC 217, and the one I have is vegan. That pouch is so cute and travel friendly. Bristles are very soft and Soft definer is blending brush.

Price- Rs. 560


Wet n Wild color icon Brow & Eye liner pencil ( Dark Brown )

I have never tried anything on my brows yet. Actually I wanted to buy Wet n Wild Ultimate brow kit but that was out of stock, my bad 😦 then I thought I should give this Brow pencil a try and as a beginner lets just start with brow pencil and then any brow kit. Yes, I want to purchase a good eyebrow kit soon. 🙂

Price- Rs. 182

And I got these two free samples from Luxola! x


Hanz De Fuko- Claymation



Hanz de fuko is a hair wax and VMV is Sun and light screen. I have searched their original products (as these are samples) and now they are in my Luxola wishlist 😀

So, this is my mini haul from Luxola. And and and, Luxola now stocks TheBalm ❤ I would love to buy more products from Luxola.

Have you purchased anything from ? No? Then go visit their site 🙂

Thanks for reading! x


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