Saturday Beauty Sneak | Honey Hut Manali ♥

I’m very excited to share my Saturday beauty sneak today. Honey Hut, I know many of you don’t know about Honey hut products, so here is some information from their official website – Honey Hut is a concept cafe chain, present all across the country and is promoted by Honey Hut Natural Products Pvt. Ltd. The first Honey Hut store was established at Shimla in 2007. The company maintains a Himalaya Bee farm in Uttarakhand and there are approximately 10,000 beehives which belong to the associate beekeepers, whom we support for producing the best quality honey you’ll ever taste. Our cultivation, production and packaging process is certified by various national and international agencies.

They have limited stores like in Manali, Shimla, Chandigarh, Mumbai and few more cities. I got my hands on honey hut products last year when I was in Manali. Honey Hut’s Manali store is beautiful and their menu offers a wide range of healthy drinks, smoothies, yummy cakes and brownies and much more. ❤ I heard about their products earlier and decided to buy them when I’ll go to Manali. They have variety of products like Creams, Cleansers, Lip Balms, Moisturizers. I bought two of them, Lip Balm and Moisturizer.


Honey Hut Lip Balm in the flavor SeaBuckThorn. Damn I love the fragrance, I haven’t tried such different and lovely fragrance before. I knew it that I’m going to love this flavor that’s why I bought four containers of lip balm ❤


Ingredients- Jojoba Oil, Glycerine, Bees Wax, Tocopherol(Vitamin E), Honey, Butyrospermum Parki (Shea Butter), Cocoa Butter, Soyabean Oil, Mint Extract, Glyceryl Monostearate, Sunflower Oil, Seabuck thorn Oil.

Price- Rs. 75 for 10gm



Consistency is not thick. It is yellow in color but looks transparent when you apply it on your lips. This lip balm hydrates your lips. Staying power is not so good but mostly lip balms have less staying power so that’s not an issue. You have to reapply after 2-3 hours but it moisturizes well. I usually apply it at night before I sleep and wake up with hydrated lips. I seriously like this balm so much.

Honey Milk Moisturizer 




Ingredients- Honey, Aloe Vera, Brahmipatra, Shudha Suhaga, Tulsi, Cream Base, Preservatives.

Price- Rs. 80

This moisturizer is of runny consistency. It doesn’t really hydrates the skin. And if you have dry skin then this isn’t going to work. But I like using this moisturizer for summers on my face and it didn’t make my face greasy in summers. And And And I love the fragrance, so sweet and floral kind of, I don’t know of what exactly it is but ❤

Overall, These products are good at their price. I mean they are cheap in price but not in quality. I absolutely like them. And I’m definitely going to purchase them again as I’m going Shimla this month, Yayyy 😀 And I would love to try more products from Honey Hut.

You can get Honey Hut products online HERE 

I hope you guys like my review.

Thanks for reading! x


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