Hi dolls!

We all love winters but arrival of winters makes our skin and hair dry. So, we need to do extra care. Dry winter hair is the worst. So I decided to share some winter hair care tips and home remedies for you all. As beautiful hair is healthy hair.

Shall we start? okay!

1. DEEP CONDITIONING: Your hair needs extra moisturisation and deep conditioning helps to retain moisture. Do hair spa at home or get at salon. You can buy a hair spa cream and do hair spa yourself. you can see my review on L’Oreal Paris spa cream, which is my current favorite.

Home Remedy for deep conditioning


  • Give a Hot oil treatment to your hair.
  • You can take Olive Oil/ Coconut oil/ Almond oil, whatever you like or have at the time. I prefer coconut oil.
  • Heat up the oil then let it cool down, basically you just need warm oil.
  • Apply this warm oil on your scalp and to the ends of your hair.
  • Massage well with your finger tips.
  • I suggest do it at night and wash off your hair with mild for better results or you can apply it 2 hours before shower.

This remedy will moisturize you scalp, cure dandruff, makes your soft.


Honey and Olive oil treatment. As both prevents dry and damaged hair. So what you need to do is-

Take 1 tablespoon of honey and olive oil. Apply this mixture to your hair, leave it for half an hour and rinse it off.

2. PREVENT FRIZZINESS: What I do to prevent frizziness of hair is, after a hair wash, I do apply coin sized olive oil on my damp hair but not on the scalp. And this doesn’t makes my hair greasy but this really works taming frizzy hair.

3. MINIMUM HAIR WASH: Keep washing your hair to a minimum, two times a week because washing your hair too much cause dry scalp. And dry your hair before leaving the house.

4. LESS HEAT: Use less heat on your hair or if you are using any heat like flat iron or curler then do not forget to apply heat protector hair spray or cream. Blow dry your hair on the warmest setting while the hair is dampest.

5. MORE WATER: Drink as much water as possible, it hydrates the scalp and entire hair strand.

6. HAIR BRUSHING: Brush your hair with care. Brushing the hair once or twice in the morning and once or twice at night will stimulate the circulation in your scalp. But do not over brush your hair. Never brush your hair when they are wet, that causes frizzy hair and breakage.

I hope these tips and remedies will help you. Stay healthy Stay beautiful. ❤


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